About us

SDDS is a design company founded by Sigitas and Rita Danielius — interior design professionals with long-term experience.

The founders who had been working as an independent designers before starting own business successfully implemented a number of projects both in Lithuania and abroad receiving awards in various competitions.

The company specializes in both residential and commercial interiors. The work scale of SDDS creators includes the whole possible package of services related to equipment of residential and public premises, starting with color and ending with architectural solutions.


SIGITAS DANIELIUS: “I look at each interior project with an architectural aspect in mind, I soak into possibilities of application and metamorphosis of untamed space. For me, the principles of classic dimension and symmetry are important, yet, I attempt to keep up with present day and technological novelties it offers. The aspiration to have specific interior in harmony with the environment, whether it is a building or a landscape, is importance. I am sure that multifunctional space should reflect the client, not the designer.”

RITA DANIELIENĖ: “A combination of traditional and modern elements is a special instrument helping to create an elegant, cozy and comfortable interior. For me, it is important to create home which would reflect the client’s needs, life experience and aspirations, figuratively speaking, my as a creator’s mission is to demonstrate a shallow of a rapid river of ideas.”