Assistance of a professional interior designer will help in not only clearing unexpected and unique solutions, but also saving you time and distribute financial resources rationally. SDDS Interior Design Studio will help you in avoiding expensive mistakes and not getting lost in a variety of possibilities. With the use of harmony of light, colors and proportions professional creators will reveal value of space and items placed in it.

Your philosophy of life and requests will become a guide in generating proper version and in selection of high-quality services and products. Activity of SDDS Interior Design Studio creators is based on respect of clients and their needs, detailed knowledge and strong concern in regards to environmental problems as well as the principle that design of each client’s space is a unique and intimate process.

Starting any project, first of all, we analyze specific unique situation and needs and provide possible solutions. Initial consultations, primary examination and pictures of a premises which requires an interior design, discussion of your priorities, wishes, budget and vision. These are the first steps in our activity.

Such collection and assessment of information will allow defining correct direction of a project and become a starting point of a creative process. Primary project package will be provided for your consideration. It can include plans of different floors, designer’s solutions for furniture of such zones as bathroom or kitchen as well as finish, windows, doors, floor covers, illumination, water-supply plan, etc.

After receiving your signed consent we will move to implementation of the project and assume obligation to take care of it, starting with provision and design of global ideas and ending with designer’s supervision and detailed search for interior elements. Since each project is unique both with its volume and solutions, service prices are subject to coordination.

SDDS Interior Design Studio also provides consultations for design of premise equipment, reconstruction, exterior solutions, landscape formation, and corporate style (advertising graphics and designer’s furniture).

A separate division of SDDS Interior Design Studio is Kitchen and Bathroom Design Academy.